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We are Christians and feel the desire to be supportive within our own community and beyond. Before PTP was PTP we supported our community. Before moving to Kelowna in 2007 we lived in Abbotsford for 13 years. It was while living there that we became very involved in the learning process of the Bible and through this knowledge put together with a Sunday Service on “Tithing” our hearts were softened and to this day we have always put away 10% of our profits towards tithing.

Since our inception PTP has been involved in giving consistently. Here are the various charities we are involved with:


This year we continued supporting/sponsoring Abdi (he’s getting older and bigger!!) our child from Africa through World Vision.

We continue to support the Great Commission with Dave & Donnalyn Currie who lead (Ya gotta check it out!!) This year we also attended a one day seminar for couples married over 30 years….it was amazing!!! We highly recommend you check it out Marriage 2.0.

We again continue to support our local community via the Willow Park Church;  Kelowna Christian Center; Kelowna Food Bank & Kelowna Gospel Mission (although we do miss the fun in buying what they need ourselves, giving money expands the giving as they have 3 times the buying power of us). Also,  this year we again Volunteered to help the Okanagan Festival Singers with their “Bach’s Christmas Oratorio”.

NEW THIS YEAR, through customer’s/friend’s involvement we also helped support the Kelowna Women’s Shelter as well as Motionball and the Special Olympics Canada Foundation.

We invite you to let us know of a special Charity that your passionate about and leave us a link to check out!


We continue to  support & sponsor Abdi, our child in Africa through World Vision. We also continue to support The Great Commission with Dave & Donnalyn Currie leading the We support a couple of our local churches – Kelowna Christian Center & Willow Park  Church as well as our Food Bank and the Kelowna Gospel Mission Society.  This year we were also able to help out the Canadian Cancer Society and Free the Children.


Through World Vision we have been sponsoring a child, Abdi, for the past 2 years. It’s a wonderful feeling to be a part of his life. We again continue to Support The Great Commission, with Dave & Donnalyn Currie leading the We were able to continue giving the Kelowna Food Bank our support with a little extra support this year. As well as support their “Fill the Bus” campaign.

The donation of turkeys was AGAIN a big success at the Kelowna’s Gospel Mission. Thanks for the picture guys!! Our favorite Willow Park Church was supported again this year. Pastor Phil Collins never ceases to amaze us!!

Through our niece in England we got involved with Just Giving and donated to them in support of her efforts!!! Thanks Stephanie great job!! Our success is all thanks to our Heavenly Father and to our customers who give us the opportunity to work with them, their family and their friends!! And our Blessings go out to each and every one of you who have contributed to our success in this and other areas of our lives.

Thank you all!


We continue to support the Kelowna Food Bank by giving a monetary donation as we were informed that they have 3X the buying power that we do and therefore could triple that donation amount!!! We are enjoying different ways of giving. This year we purchased 22 turkeys for the Kelowna Gospel for Missions as well as supported 2 local Churches.

We continue to support our Pastor Dr. Dave Currey in

We donated towards the Olympic Relay Banner Beautification Project for the 2010 Olympics.

We also found out about Kelowna’s Gifts for Grandmothers thanks to one of my customers (now my friend) and we gave them a donation too!

We look forward to continue supporting our local community as our business thrives, and we are so thankful for the support of our many clients over the years.


Again we supported the Kelowna Food Bank with food and purchased 14 Turkeys, 12 cans of coffee & 3 blocks of cheese for the Kelowna Gospel For Missions Christmas Dinner. We continued to support our 2 local churches . This year we decided to support our Pastor personally as well as his ministry in Abbotsford.

In addition to the usual we contributed to the Variety Club Telethon Fundraiser celebrating “Mercedes” by donating a door prize gift.

We helped Canada for Haiti Earthquake Relief by giving a donation to them.

Together with some good friends we were able to volunteer 1 day for the Salvation Army Kettle Drive which raised $535.76 for their campaign.

In addition to all of this we are able to donate a substantial “tax free” donation to Mission Life which supplied 214 treatment units to help fight HIV/AIDS and other life threatening related illnesses in Africa.

Together with supporting 3 churches in our community we also supported our Abbotsford Pastors in their ministry of Family Life and Power to change.

Tithing also brought us to fill our truck ¾ full with food and necessities that the Kelowna Food Bank needed as well as provide Gospel for Missions with 16 Turkeys for their Christmas Dinner.

We helped support a young woman who was going to a Christian College (away from home) and was not able to get the support she needed from family.

2007 & 2008
Our Tithing went to 2 churches in the Kelowna area as well as our church in Abbotsford.



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