So as a new and potential customer I would like to say before you read this you need to know that none of this usually applies to about 98% of my satisfied customers. It is a small estimated 2% of my customers that have made this “document” a must that I even have to supply a document such as this. It is this small 2% of customers who are looking for that “new home” perfection. In a “repaint” which is what I specialize in. I am looking for the obvious decline of the walls that comes with “living” in the home. There is a “painting standard” (which I have not yet been able to get my hands on) which states that a satisfactory repaint is a wall that, while standing up, 3’ away, using NO special devices, you may be able to detect some imperfections. But not more than 3 imperfections within a 3-4 square foot radius.

Having said this I would like to think that I usually well exceed this “standard” which is proven in all the testimonials that I have received! Thank you for your time and consideration!!

  • Previous painters slops are not my responsibility(see explanation below)
  • If you require me/us to move furniture then any items you are concerned about (delicate) and all heavy items (books & such) must be removed from the item first.
  • I/we will not be responsible for any scratches on any flooring from any items you wish me to move or that need to be moved.
  • Neither will I/we be held responsible for any items broken during the move.
  • Fridges, stoves, washers & dryers. If you are concerned about scratches in any flooring then you need to move or have these items moved yourself as well as move the extra large washer & dryers for me to be able to paint around them.
  • When removing blinds I/we will not be responsible for the breakage of brittle parts.


Ceilings: I spray ceilings, usually white. This painting does not change the “look” if there is something in the “look” that you are wanting changed then painting is not going to do that for you. A new texture job may or may not.

Walls: B.C. “standard” for repaints is to fill visible marks seen from standing 3’ away at a basic “eye” level. I/We definitely go beyond that but we are not looking for original construction deficits. If you are concerned about the shape of your walls you should examine them and if there are concerns, bring them up in a conversation. Anything can be fixed but it all takes more time which means more cost to you.

Trim: Again, if you examine your existing trim you may see old drips and/or you may notice the nail marks. If this is something that you want removed then you need to discuss that with me. It’s not a problem. I usually just do some necessary caulking before painting so If you require more I can accommodate you but the extra time will cost more.

In General: If I am hired by you to do walls or trim or ceilings, then that’s what I’m painting. If the previous paint job found itself over-spilling onto the ceiling, door casings and baseboards there is nothing I can do about this. Usually when I am doing walls and cutting in the new colour at the ceilings I try to make things look better than before, however some of the previous paint cannot be disguised. Again, if you have concerns these should be discussed prior to quoting as I may be able to offer a solution that may cost a little extra but then everyone will be happy.

Obviously if I’m hired to do ceilings, walls & trim then we won’t have a problem.

Unseen/Unnoticed/Unmentioned damage: Again if you know of an issue then it is best brought to my attention. When I’m at you home I am trying to see everything, but with all the furniture around, poor lighting etc I can’t be expected to see everything. If I come across any concerns I will bring them to your attention and we can discuss a solution and additional cost or not.

This is not new construction this is a repaint.

Thank you for your attention, time and consideration!

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