How to Hunt for Painting Contractors Seek Straight Shooters

With the arrival of Home Depot and Lowes stores throughout the U.S., the do-it-yourself home warrior has emerged or “sub merged”? The primary reason for hiring a painting contractor is purely safety.

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Particularly if a home was built prior to 1978, homes were built using lead paint back then and professional contractors are trained to handle the hazardous materials and effects of lead paint.  Additional hazards are heights.  The use of ladders and painting equipment for those not trained can be fatal with the opportunity to fall from high distances.

In looking forward and undergoing the hiring paint contractor process, the following procedures should be adhered:

Referrals: Obtain referrals or testimonials from people around the community or neighborhood. Real estate agents are a good source but paint stores that sell to the contractors are another.  Ask someone that most recently had a painting job done as well.

Licensing: It is important to have a painting contractor that is bonded, insured, and has the prerequisite licenses to paint professionally.  This can protect you in the event there is a problem with the work, and payment issues.  The Department of Labor and Industries maintains a website to check on tradespeople:
Additional references: Obtain three more references and see how long ago the work was done and inquire as to how the paint job has held up.  Visit the location if possible and see for yourself the trim, corners, doorways, etc for quality f the work done.

Conduct: Aside from the quality of the painting work done, one should ask about the courteous nature of the workers, timeliness, and daily decorum of professional behavior while there on the job.  Some local citation sites like Yelp can be a forum for disgruntled homeowners to erroneously besmirch a painting contractor’s reputation.  Beware of these circumstances.
Bidding: Ask for three bids once narrowed down to see about price, availability, warranty, and any extras that are offered.

The aforementioned step by step process is just a prudent approach towards dealing with hiring a painting contractor.  The expense is not small yet the importance weighs heavily on the appearance, safety, and overall satisfaction resulting from putting in the extra homework while preparing for a house painting.  All told, when one adds up the time, materials, safety, and “hassle factors”, the hiring of a professional for a seemingly easy job to be self done, is well worth the investment.  The warranty alone is worthwhile having which would never exist on a self painted job.

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