Kelowna & Area Painting Services We Provide

Residential and Commercial Painting

With our experiences and professionalism we can make sure that your small one bedroom jobs to your large total home repaint together with repainting all the common areas in your condominium, we do our very best to make this experience effortless, enjoyable and successful in every way for you!!

Ceiling Re-paints

We have many years experience in spraying ceilings. We keep all your valuables protected and clean up nicely after we’re done. Besides the possibility of a little more “dust” than usual you should never suspect we were even in your home at the end of the day on your return!

First we wrap your room (or your entire home) in poly using a double sided tape system at the ceiling so that your walls are draped in poly. Then we wrap your furniture in poly, then we cover your floors in poly  and of course all your lights and fans. If there are any stains we will try to get rid of them with our special solution, otherwise we will apply the appropriate sealer before we paint. If there are any cracks at the ceiling we will apply caulking, if you have any hooks you wish to remove at this time we can do this and fill the holes in, any nail pops can be corrected as well.

At this point we spray the ceilings applying latex paint spraying both directions give you a 2 coat coverage. Once we are finished spraying and have completely removed all the poly and clean up, you may notice a little “dust” le3ft behind, kind of like a weeks worth of dusting. The latex paint dries to a fine powder which sometimes sneaks out of the poly as we wrap it all up and take it away.

By myself I can usually wrap an entire furnished space of up to 1200 sq. ft. in a day just to give you an idea as to how fast this process can be!!

Interior & Exterior repaints

From small 1 bedroom jobs to larger complete painting of your Kelowna & area home. From smaller exterior garage door jobs to complete exterior painting with all kinds of paint/stains. We pride ourselves by using the best quality paint or at least the quality that you are looking for. We help you make informative decisions on what product you would like to see on your home!!

WALLS: We prep your walls for paint, that’s checking for bumps and bruises. We ask that you remove anything from the wall and if you want to keep that item where it is you simply leave the hook or screw in place. Our lighting accentuates problem areas and we go to work. We give your walls a complete pole sand…then we are finally ready to paint. That’s when you may catch me up on my stilts where I do my best work. We try to keep our work space to a minimal while in your home and will cover up tools overnight so your children or pets don’t get to interested.

When we start a job we generally stay there until it’s completion. It’s only under extreme emergencies that we would put your painting on hold to paint somewhere else.

TRIM:  Whether you are renovating, putting in new floors or just need a tough up paint on your doors, frames, windows, baseboards, railings etc., we specialize in what you want. After your new floors are in and baseboards are re-installed we can fill, caulk and paint them so they look fantastic and new like your floors! If you’re looking for an updated look to your home with the dark trim and doors, we can prime and paint them to a nice light colour!

Wallpaper Removal

We inspect your wallpaper and try to advise you as specifically as possible as to what will be necessary to remove your wallpaper depending on if its one layer that was installed 10 years ago or multiple layers have been applied over the past 40 years. We will try to give you the best solution to your situation.

The most important part of removing wallpaper is making sure that you have all the layers off including the glue. If you don’t get all the glue off your paint won’t stick and you’ll have noticeable rough spots. I have been called to a few homes with “problem walls” only to have to advise them that the previous home owner “painted” right over the glue and now they have this awful “textured” look!

Hire an expert….you will not regret it!

Wallpaper Installations

We can offer you some help choosing your wallpaper and we can make sure you purchase the correct amount depending on your needs and/or we can purchase it for you.

Hire an will not regret it!

Installing wallpaper is an art and one of our members has much experience in this area that also extends to Industrial wallpaper that usually goes into restaurants.

Again. hire an expert….or you’ll find your wallpaper on the floor the next day as one of the local restaurant owners in town did!! So no matter what your needs, we’ve got you covered…hahaha no pun intended!

Colour Consulting

We are not the “experts” but our advice or recommendations are free! We can assist you in choosing a basic colour or colours for your home to compliment the furniture and lighting in your home. We can recommend where you should consider feature colours as well. If your needs extend our expertise we can certainly recommend a professional for you.


The cutting and installation of baseboards, door and window casing. Installation of interior doors and other miscellaneous carpentry items, you just ask and we can probably help you!

Drywall repairs/taping/mudding

From small repair jobs that require more than just filler(that hole behind the door from the door nob for example) to complete rooms or renovations that require new drywall, we can take care of all your needs!

Suspended ceiling
Minor electrical

Such as changing the lighting in a room you are decorating or changing electrical/light sockets to newer colours etc, just ask and we will let you know if its something that our team can do for you or if a certified Electrician is required we can even get them for you!!

Minor plumbing

From removing and replacing a toilet to tightening a leaky faucet or drain…. again, just ask and we can advise you if your problem is something that we can deal with or if a certified plumber is required then we will get them in for you as well!



Framing of walls & floors, rooms for suites, basically framing ready for drywall. Also framing for decks as well or extending an existing deck.

Extended & full exterior decks.
Basement/Suite development, including a variety of floors.
Various staining, urethane & lacquer applications on banisters, beams or other wood finishings.


Our team is ready, willing and able to help you, just give us a call to set up your free, no obligation estimate!!

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